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Retailers, community owners/managers, installers/transporters, and manufactured housing association employees do not pay registration fee.

Companies who have a booth or are showing a home do not have to pay individual registration fees on top of their booth/home payments.

Registration is required to get a name badge, and name badges are required to enter the Show.

Pay Online

Non-exhibitors (Service/Suppliers, Manufacturers, etc.)

Exhibitors (Manufacturers and service/suppliers that have a booth or are showing a home)

Sponsors (Only if you are paying via PayPal)

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Free Registration/
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Retailer, Community, Installer/Transporter, MH Association Employee, Sponsors and Exhibiting Manufacturers and Service/Suppliers 

Thanks for registering!

If paying via PayPal, there is a 3.49% + $0.49 fee added to each item.

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