2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo Educational Workshops

Seminars and education will take two tracks at the 2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo. 

Retail Track is designed to provide today’s retail dealers with the information needed to be successful in today’s uncertain housing market.

Community Track is designed to provide community owners and managers with the knowledge required to be successful in a high demand, low supply marketplace.

The 2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Retail Track

5 Elements of Effective Sales Management

How to manage a sales team in less time than you think

Effective and efficient sales management is a critical function in the success of any organization, but as much as it is critical, it is also rare. Every retail organization or community is dependent on your ability to sell more homes and lease more spaces, yet most sales organizations spend less than 3% of their time on sales management related tasks.

In this program, John Ace Underwood will discuss the Top 5 Critical Elements of effective sales management and how to be a highly effective manager in less time than you would believe. Whether you’re an owner, operator, general manager, sales manager, or a seasoned sales professional who has been bestowed the responsibility of increasing sales, this program is for you.

John Ace Underwood has been a consultant to the factory-built housing industry for over 35 years, focusing on sales, sales management and leadership development. He is a highly requested, entertaining and informative speaker, and as of December 2022, he serves as Executive Director for LearnMH.com, a training and support platform for the factory-built housing industry.

Community Track

MHC Infill with Less Than 1% Defaults

Pentagon Properties, Inc. began selling homes at its four communities over 30 years ago. Through almost 1,000 home sales transactions, it refined its buyer qualifications and experimented with many alternatives including lease-option seller-financing vs. conventional, 1, 2 and 3 BRs, new vs. used, DW vs. SW, and higher vs. lower down payments. Spencer Roane, president, will discuss the program which the firm zeroed in on to successfully fill vacant lots, upgrade its communities, and increase cash flow and community value.

Spencer Roane is president of Pentagon Properties, Inc., and Boyd Roane, Inc., Atlanta, GA. His firm owns and manages four land lease communities in Georgia and Texas, and has acquired, sold, and seller-financed 500 new and previously-owned manufactured homes over the past 30+ years. Spencer’s 40+ year career in the manufactured housing industry includes founding member of the annual SECO conference (non-profit, “For community owners, by community owners”, 600+ attendees), induction in the RV/MH Hall of Fame, and membership in the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association. His formal education consists of an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He served in the U.S. Navy, holds Mortgage Loan Originator and Mortgage Broker licenses, and promotes all forms of chattel financing of manufactured homes in communities, including use of Lease-Option contracts and other alternatives involving origination of conventional loans guaranteed by community owners. Contact Spencer at spencer@roane.com or (678) 428-0212.

State of the States with the State Executives

State executives report the victories in 2022 and the challenges facing each state coming in 2023. Each state will discuss the role you can play and the strategy they will be taking to reduce regulations and increase opportunities. This interactive session will be moderated by Chris Nicely, president, ManufacturedHomes.com.

Chris Nicely President
Jim Ayotte
Jennifer Hall
Lance Latham
Marla McAfee
Steve Duke

Biloxi Show Educational Workshops

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Community Track

The Party is Over

Recession is here, interest rates have more than doubled in 12 months and poised to go even higher. Are there any buying opportunities left in the MHC asset class? In this session, Steve Case will discuss how laser-focused due diligence and creative financing will separate the winners and losers in 2023. He will also share his “secret sauce” acquisition technique used to create millions of dollars over the past 20 years.

Steve Case has been investing in manufactured housing communities for over 23 years. He has owned and operated 18 communities with over 2,500 lots. Steve has been teaching others how to invest in the MHC asset class since 2004 when he started a nationwide educational platform called Mobile Home University. Since then, he has helped many investors become successful in this asset class. He has also been active with SECO (Southeast Community Owners) since 2008. SECO has grown to become the premier annual event where small to midsize community owners can come together to learn and share the newest trends and ideas to help maximize their investments. Steve is a retired USAF officer and has served on the board of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association. His education includes an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Retail Track

6 Universal Mistakes that are Costing You Sales

And how to correct them to double your deliveries

While markets and economies are cyclical, selling skills and activities should be constant. Many of us have never had to sell in tough times like these, and even the more experienced salespeople are unprepared for selling in the digital age, where buyers’ habits are radically different from times past. In this workshop, you will learn the six areas where sales teams are missing opportunities and the key habits that every sales professional should develop to double sales even in tough markets.

Scott Stroud has been immersed in new home sales for over 40 years and is currently Director of Product Development for MhCRM, a sales management platform developed for the MH industry.  Scott is the co-author of three books, including Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers, published by BuilderBooks.com, and The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling New Homes.

Born and raised outside of Louisville, Scott lives and works from his home on the shores of Lake Cumberland in Somerset, KY. Contact Scott at scott@mhcrm.com

The Changing Digital Landscape

How to optimize your internet marketing to reach the next generation of homebuyers and residents

The last few years have resulted in a profound shift in consumer behaviors and expectations. As the housing market continues to evolve, the way you reach potential homebuyers and residents needs to evolve with it. Learn about the latest trends that are redefining Internet marketing so you can continue to grow and prosper in 2023 and beyond.

Darren Krolewski is Co-President and Chief Business Development Officer of MHVillage, the number one website for manufactured homes, retailers, and communities. Prior to joining MHVillage in 2014, Darren held senior marketing positions in the telecommunications, advertising and financial services industries – and was a partner in a marketing consulting firm serving the housing industry.

2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo

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Make sure to join us for the most exciting manufactured housing industry event of the year! The 2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo will offer over 35 model homes for display, invaluable education, and the opportunity to meet some of the most successful professionals in the industry. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in top-quality educational workshops, an expo floor with over 85 booths, and networking events focused on connecting industry professionals. And did we mention over 35 model homes to inspect? Biloxi – it’s the place to be in ‘23! 

Please note this is an industry trade show and is not open to the public.