2022 Biloxi Home Show Educational Workshops

Seminars and education will be at the forefront of the 2022 Biloxi Show. Topics and speakers are specially organized to bring attendees the finest in educational topics that matter to the industry.

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Retailer Seminars

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Virtual Selling -
Competing for Buyers in a Digital World

Having a good location, visible signage and furnished lot models are no longer enough to attract today’s buyers. Retailers MUST learn to leverage new technologies to attract buyers and sell homes. What are those technologies, and how can every retailer employ them? This session explains it all.

Learning Objectives:

· Discover how prospects shopping habits have changed due to technology and the pandemic.
· See demonstrated creative and effective use of technology – and how to use it.
· Learn why your website and social media is the launching point for every sale you make.

MH Advantage™, CHOICEHome™:
How Today’s MH is Changing the Industry

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and making a big investment by creating exciting financing programs for manufactured homes. What are the MH Advantage and CHOICEHome programs? What do they mean for the MH industry… and why should you be paying attention?

Learning Objectives:

· Understand what makes a home eligible for MH Advantage or CHOICEHome.
· Find out how the programs can increase the scope of your business.
· Determine how and when to use MH Advantage and CHOICEHome to close more sales.

Sales Management 3.0: You Can’t Manage Sales Like It's 1980

Closing more sales is the objective of every company. But without effective leadership in place, sales will not happen to the degree they could and should. Sales Management describes effective, efficient and measurable actions that must take place to achieve optimum sales results. This interactive workshop will focus on the skills necessary for good sales managers to become great sales leaders.

Learning Objectives:

· Examine the skills exhibited by all great sales managers – and how to cultivate them.
· Learn what to measure and manage, and how to turn data into dollars.
· Discover the 10 most effective management actions and how to turn your sales team into a sales juggernaut.

Manufactured Home Community Seminars

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Connecting with the Next Generation of Community Residents -
They’re not just for Seniors Any More

The pandemic and ‘work from home’ phenomenon have prompted a mass exodus from the cities, putting the spotlight on MH homes and communities for a whole new segment of residents. This ‘new generation’ has different needs and priorities then their predecessors. Are you prepared to connect with, attract and satisfy them? See the data and see for yourself in this enlightening presentation.

Learning Objectives:

· Review new data as to where and how your next residents are shopping for their home.
· Learn the top features that new tenants are looking for.
· Discover the best ways to connect with and close your communities future residents.

From Rent-Collector to Sales Superstar -
The Enhanced Role of Community Managers

Your property managers wear several different hats. Does the “sales hat” fit them? Selling, that is, filling your empty spaces, requires a different set of skills than managing property – skills that can be learned. Find out what those skills are, how to instill them in all your staff, and how to measure sales effectiveness in this enlightening presentation.

Learning Objectives:

· Why every member of your property staff are also in sales – and how to help them embrace that.
· The Top 5 Skills required for effective selling.
· How to transition from property manager to sales professional.

Developing with Non-profit Organizations

Affordable Housing is a universal issue and a specific focus of many non-profit organizations. And MH is the solution more and more of these organizations are turning to. Are you tapping into this huge opportunity to increase your sales?

Learning Objectives:

· Why the Non-Profit community is embracing MH.
· How a project in Mississippi’s Delta is gaining national attention – and what that means for you.
· How to connect with NPs in your area that are eager to work with you.

2022 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show

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